How To Avoid Most Major Stains

Stains are a nasty business. When we get a stain we feel dirty, feel ashamed and we are mad that whatever the stain is on is now ruined. When it comes to carpet, getting a stain just drives you up the wall. First of all, it makes the room look horrible, they are almost impossible to get out, and if they do come out, you still know they are there just lying in wait.

This is why commercial carpet cleaning services in Miami is needed. When we have someone come in and clean our carpets we have a feeling of accomplishment and they look just as good as the day they were installed.

How to avoid stains in the first place?

Here are some tips:

If you eat a steak, do not use your white tablecloth, just grab a napkin. The grease from the steak will be much easier to take out of the napkin then it would be to clean off the tablecloths.

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If you spill something on your carpet, try blotting it up as quickly as you can. If the spill has not soaked in yet, you will be able to take out a lot of it with some clean water and just a little bit of elbow grease.

Do not put liquid foods on your carpet. Things like salad dressing could stain the fibers in the carpet if they are left for more than a couple of minutes.

Make sure your carpets are clean before you feed the kids, or have visitors over who might spill something on them. Otherwise it will be very hard to get out the stain when you already have one in there from a different time.

If you get a stain, don’t freak out. Just take your time and have it cleaned. Then if for some reason you can’t get it out, just put a rug over